Our flipbooks will be all the rage at your next event. Your guests will line up to take their 7 second video and in no time they will have a fully assembled flipbook with your events custom cover attached. Flipbooks not only make great keepsakes but add a fun entertainment factor to any event. 

Our modern air photo booths feature a unique open air design that allows you to be free as you pose for your next shot. We use high quality digital cameras and professional printing technology to ensure you get an unforgettable experience.

Our Los Angeles based flipbook company has grown to become one of the best rated in the state. Our goal is to help make your event or celebration as memorable as we can by providing lifelong keepsakes and passionate staff. Our flipbook and photo booth rental services not only provide you with memories to cherish but also add entertainment to your event.

We have had our fair share of Hollywood celebrities in our booths, and even been hired by some of the most trusted companies in the nation, we also make donations to various charities and foundations. If our passion doesn’t show through then we didn’t do our job. We make sure to wow you! make you  smile with laughter, cry with joy, or hold your grandmothers hands as she steps infront of the camera. We don’t just make photographs, movies and prints, we capture love, emotion, and beauty and make them last.

We’re always here, call or email us anytime you have a question. Our aim is providing you and your guests with the best possible experience. 

Laura Grigoryan
Chief Execute Flipper

Laura is dedicated to making all events memorable long after they are over. Her flipbooks bring joy to people of all ages – and that is the best part! Everyone, no matter how old or young, deserves to re-live a happy memory, especially one that brings happiness from a favorite moment that they can never physically get back. 

Narek Nick Melikian
Chief Execute Flipper

Nick was presented with an opportunity to become a co-pilot with Flipbook Frenzy. Using his previous production and design experience he works with you to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of amazing.