Liven Up Your Photo Booth: Tips for Your Photo Props


Chances are, your wedding reception you will feature a photo booth to entertain your guests. You already know all the reasons why a photo booth is a great choice, but often overlooked are the props that will appear in those photo booth pictures. Why props are important The purpose of the photo booth is to… Continue reading


Photo Booths, the Party’s Hot Spot

Photo Booths, the Party’s Hot Spot By CHRISTOPHER BARNARD   The party was for VFiles, the online fashion hub and store, and as expected, cameras were everywhere. In addition to the half-dozen photographers assigned to cover the Fashion Week affair, guests posed for selfies and snapped pictures of the rapper A$AP Rocky and the artist… Continue reading


Flipbook Frenzy At the Teen Choice Awards


  Laura Grigoryan, owner of Flipbook Frenzy, will be participating in Product Hollywood’s private, invite-only celebrity celebration in the Heart of Hollywood in honor of the Teen Choice Awards™ Laura’s unique company, Flipbook Frenzy, was noticed by Lauren Gioiello, Productions Manager of Project Hollywood, who extended a personal invitation to Laura to attend their exclusive affair.… Continue reading