How do you make a flipbook?

We set the stage for you and your guests by creating a mini mobile studio at your event with studio lighting, backdrops, video cameras and a table full of props that all your guests will LOVE. You and your guests will then get in front of the camera and have fun!


For the next 7 seconds we record as you and your guests become the stars of your own show; whether you're dancing, performing a skit, or just being yourselves, you enjoy your time together. It’s that simple. The whole process just takes a few minutes! You will then be given a flipbook that will serve as a memento of your event for years to come


Our Flipbook Frenzy software will quickly convert your video clip into still images and send it to the printer, and then be fed into the cutter! At this point, we assemble the still images with your custom designed event cover and hand you your keepsake flipbook. The entire process takes 3 minutes from start to finish, the Flip Book will have been created, assembled, and ready for your flipping pleasure!

  • Custom Covers

    We will work with you to create an amazing custom cover just for your event.

  • Fun Props

    We have a fun filled chest that holds a variety of hilarious and fun props for you to use.

  • Experienced Attendants

    We are lucky to have such fun, energetic, and helpful staff who will go out of their way to make your experience unforgettable.

  • Video Montage

    After your event you will get a fun video montage of all your guests recordings.

  • 40 — 50 Flipbooks per hour

    We average 45 flipbooks an hour depending on how quickly your guests record their video.

  • Free Deliver, Set-up, and Tear-down

    We deliver, set-up, and breakdown the set after your event free of charge.

  NICELINELEFTSample Videonicelineright

  NICELINELEFTExtras and Add-onsnicelineright

Our flipbook studio has many features to offer like backgrounds, custom covers,  and themed props that your guests will love. But we also offer aditional add-ons as extra to ensure you get exactly what you want, for information about the extras please mention them in your inquiry.

  • Scrolling Text

  • Video Montage

  • Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop

  • Custom Props and Signs

  • Idle time

We hired Flipbook Frenzy for my daughter's first birthday party at a restaurant. It was a unique spin on the ubiquitous standard photobooths, and our guests thought it was a lot of fun! They were very professional and accommodating, and easily moved their setup when the venue asked them to. It was awesome to be

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