Shelter Dogs in photobooth

It’s scientifically impossible to not smile while looking at these dogs taking pictures in a photo booth.

The Humane Society of Utah found an adorable way to show off some of their prized pooches. The photo series shows dogs wagging, grinning and smiling for photo booth-style shots. The pictures were taken by Guinnevere Shuster and have been gaining social media traction on theHumane Society of Utah‘s Facebook page.


The negative stereotype of viewing shelter dogs as “broken” or “damaged goods” leads to overcrowding in shelters and prevents certain dogs from finding a good home. The photo series was taken to help show that the rescue dogs’ personalities were far more playful than damaged.

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  1. Hosting Italia


    These photos capture these dogs individual personalities, and it looks like the approach works the dogs that get the photobooth treatment get a lot of attention, and many of them get adopted as well.


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